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2014 Battle of the bands Sponsors (In alphabetical order)

Each entry must contain at least 3 MP3 (or like) music files, art work is also accepted and will be posted.

Send your submission to Music @earcandy.com. Send us your best and remember, the sooner you send it, the more time you have to get votes!


Q. Who will be judging?

A. Your fans, there will be a voting poll under the music player at earcandyradio.com. Whichever band gets the most votes, wins!

Q. What do we win if we win?

A. 1 EarCandy 2×12 BuzzBomb, 1 EarCandy 2×12 BassBomb from earcandycabs.com, The guitar cab will be loaded with your choice of any speakers from the Eminence Patriot or Redcoat series of speakers, a pair of Amp clamp microphone clamps from Ampclamps.com, A pair of cab covers from Lecover.com and last but never least is a full set up of 2 speaker and 2 signal cables from Spectraflex.com.

Q. when does the contest start?

A. Right now, submit your Art work and Music to Music@EarCandy.com and it will be posted and loaded into the music player within 24 hours.

Q. Where, when and how many times can our fans vote?

A. They can each vote 2 times on earcandyradio.com, the poll is IP specific so no one can vote for the same band more than once.

Q. When does the battle end?

A. December second 2014 at midnight, the polls will close, the votes confirmed and the winning band will be contacted for an interview for the December 6th edition of the Earcandy radio show. Don’t worry, you don’t have to travel, the interview can be done live, through the phone.

2014 Battle of the bands rules

  1. All bands entering must “like” all the sponsors facebook pages ( Links provided in the list of sponsors )
  2. All instruments must be played by a person, no electronic instrumentals will be accepted.
  3. No cover songs.
  4. Bands must be located in the 48 US states. We will not ship out of the 48 US states.
  5. More information to come ASAP.
  6. If under the age of 18, an email with your parental units phone numbers must be submitted to the contest moderator at BOTB2014MOD@earcandy.com before your material can be loaded into the player and entered into the contest.

More info to come asap

**** EarCandy LLC, nor any of its partners in this event are liable or responsible for the outcome nor anything hereto for regarding this contest. Participation and entry does not guarantee anything from EarCandy LLC or its partners in this event. By entering this event, you grant EarCandy LLC and all if its partnerspermission to share the music and artwork provided (you will of course be credited but not financially compensated in any way). If our voting moderator detects voting fraud in any way, the source of illegal votes will be ousted from the competition without warning. EarCandy LLC and its partners in this event reserve the right to change the terms of agreement at any time without notice.

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