A tase of players to come


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  1. NB : Et j'ai bien lu cela : "prenant soin de mentionner le titre exacte d'un billet ami, d'une Revue et d'y faire figurer le lien vers le billet ou Revue. Pas vers le blog en général ; vers l'article en particulier"Mais ma question reste la même. :)

  2. metamorphosis, having 3 life cycle stages: egg, nymph and adult. As they grow, they shed their exoskeletons (molt). In their last molt, they get wings and they become adults. While some katydid species are

  3. Keine Angst Leute, wir haben doch schließlich unsere Handdefis … zur Verteidigung, wobei ich jetzt Federkiels rosanen besitze …Gut Nait, werde nächste Woche nochmal intensiv Literatur über die Tiefsee schmökern …

  4. Wow, who would’ve known so many people were in love with the little black phenomena =] I’m currently 15, and I own the small and large sketchbooks, and a Pilot G2 pro to go with them.Have any of you felt like you couldn’t think of anything worthy enough to put in the notebook, but felt this HUGE urge to write something in it anyway, and it just flows? There MUST be something special in Moleskine.

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