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A Storm of Light

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A Storm of Light: As The Valley of Death Becomes Us, Our Silver Memories Fade Profound Lore / Burning World, 2011 Compact Disc/DLP
Personnel Josh Graham, guitar, vocals, synthesizers Domenic Seita, bass, backing vocals BJ Graves, drums Joel Hamilton, modular synth, wurlitzer
01. Missing (feat Kim Thayil and Nerissa Campbell)
02. Collapse(feat Jarboe)
03. Black Wolves (feat Kim Thayil and Nerissa Campbell)
04. Destroyer (feat Carla Kihlstedt)
05. Wretched Valley
06. Silver
07. Leave No Wounds
08. Death’s Head (feat Jarboe)
09. Wasteland (feat Kris Force, Matthias Bossi, and Nerissa Campbell)
Recorded by Joel Hamilton at Studio G Brooklyn
Artwork by Josh Graham


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