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  1. imyourdave-he has the chance-We are not united, We are crucially divided. We are not standing nor are we falling. We are already on our knees. Get with it, sir. Stop making excuses for this disgrace of a ‘President’. He may be the laughing stock of? Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, but this individual, this ‘Manchurian Candidate’, is bound and determined to ruin much of what we have become. Our allies chuckle at us- If God cannot help us, please Americans-vote this bastard out of office.

  2. I could write a book about my views on global warming, but I wont. Instead, I would like to note that Al Gore isnÂ’t trying to become presidentÂ…. haha. Whoever read that obviously isnÂ’t following presidential politics in the least. I just canÂ’t stand when people blow up about something that they are completely uneducated about.

  3. There are numerous sceptics who, quite incorrectly in my viewpoint,
    strongly believe that reader litigants are actually intentional frauds.

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